Training and Capacity Building

The main purpose for conducting capacity building training is to aim for ADSIS becoming a certifying body in the sanitation sector. During the inception of ADSIS, it was developed to be a platform for small and medium scale service providers engaged in installation, operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants (STPs) to come together and collectively address the existing challenges through an institutionalized environment. Some of the challenges faced by members were distinguished as:

  • 1.Technical Challenges 
  • 2. Operational Challenges 
  • 3. Financial Concerns 
  • 4. Legal Concerns 
Capacity Building

Addressing the operational challenges:

  • 1.Generally there is a wide disinterest among the operators even when they are trained. There is a need for dedicated and skilled operators with a facility to upgrade the existing skills.
  • 2. Usually only those in desperate need of money intend to work here as there are also social stigmas attached to it.
  • 3. Services are generally for a limited time without the need for daily maintenance but the employment of operators is usually for the whole year which is costly and inefficient.
  • 4. To exchange new learning and disseminate ideas, across service providers.
  • 5. Increase knowledge about the current industry/government standards, policy making and laisoning with legislative and regulatory authorities that specifically focus on the sanitation service providers industry.

All of the above draws conclusion to one START, which is to conduct skill development trainings. Sanitation is a critical area in the development sector, in both urban and rural parts of India. Therefore training and skill development concerned with the sanitation sector aimed at bettering the performance especially of operators is an initial step towards a larger goal of public good.

ADSIS intends to partner with large institutions for raising funds and conducting trainings across the country. Also, there is growing recognition in the sanitation sector for capacity building through world-wide investments.

Training of Operators in Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Activated Sludge Process (ASP) Treatment System:

ADSIS conducted its first training on 25th May 2016. Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) Chairman Sri Lakshman was invited as chief guest to the event.This training was for the operators responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the treatment systems. The aim of this training session was to create a cadre of operators who have a strong understanding of the basic principles behind what they do, which gives them a strong foundation to work on as they maintain the ASP treatment systems. This event was the first one of its kind, and a step towards creating a standardized series of trainings for personnel in this sector which which are certified and standardized as per State Pollution Control Board’s quality benchmarks and technical requirements.

ADSIS Training

A common vision for skills development in any sector requires a shared understanding of roles, careers and qualifications for the sector and a conceptual framework for training based on a co-operative network for capacity building focused on appropriate collaborative and support actions. Hence, ADSIS would certainly play a key role in skill development in the sanitation industry.